Survive and Advance

In the early 2000s, many "reality TV" shows sequentially eliminated their contestants. Can you navigate a similar situation? Try to be the last player standing!

Most Similar to You

Here are some potential allies.
Hughes 129
Coughlin 109
Seattle 119
Dawes 127
Reno 149

Least Similar to You

Here are some potential targets.
Sherman 139
Angelou 112
Bird 139
Nixon 117
Basquiat 135
You:(246, 228, 65)

What is this?

  • Click on an opposing player (i.e. square) to view their info. You can then decide whether to vote against them this round.
  • The player with the most votes is eliminated.
  • If there's a tie, the player who has voted out more players (in earlier rounds) is safe. If still tied, random chance eliminates one player.
  • In general, similar colors will not vote against each other. There will be exceptions, however, especially as the game progresses.

Most Isolated Players

These players are least similar to their closest match. There are pros and cons to this situation.
Sherman 139 Basquiat 135 Nixon 117 Baltimore 130 Angelou 112

Enjoy this game? Try playing with 9 players, or 25 players.