Campaign Trail Results: 1896

This page contains results for all recent 1896 games that have been played on The Campaign Trail. You can also narrow these results down to games played by a specific candidate and difficulty level. Or, click on a different year to see average results for that election.

View overall results, or a specific state:
CandidateWin %EV Avg.PV Avg.PV % Avg.EV RangePV Range
---- William McKinley65.75236.46,914,382.049.6033 - 3865,187,979 - 8,633,161
---- William Jennings Bryan34.25208.16,821,690.048.9416 - 4143,490,011 - 8,551,615
---- John Palmer0.002.5203,918.01.460 - 112124,055 - 2,083,955

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  • William McKinley
  • William Jennings Bryan
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Note that results include default/winner-take-all games only.